Monday, 6 August 2012

Bikes, Vikings and Karma

We spent the last few weeks dodging the raindrops of the torrential English summer. One of the days we managed to get some of the kids's friends together for a cycle round the forest with the dog. Then they all came back to our place to watch Cowboys and Aliens and to eat popcorn. Both were a bit messy, but as my brother pointed out, there were some nice close-up of Daniel Craig's tight trousers. I think that was lost on the kids. (Probably a good thing.)

Then, in my capacity as chief interviewer of anything I like for Pagan Radio, I added to my Tewkesbury success by interviewing the Svartland Vikings. It seems my friend Chrissy, whom I've known since the year dot, has taken an interest in the group. She and her eldest son were at the camp re-enactment, dressed in the traditional clothes, chopping up carrots for the stew. 

We had a lovely Norwegian Couchsurfer to stay. Asbjorn came climbing with me, amongst other things, and came for a walk in the forest with the kids and Kate. He also came with us when the kids tried the luge - skateboarding down a steep path. Woot! Loads of fun. Mel got a prize for fastest time and Saskia and Donny got prizes for Most Epic Crashes.

Kate, Asbjorn and the kids
I've been having some problems with someone who owes me a lot of money for some work I did for him. He's refusing to pay because someone else didn't pay him and he's basically saving his own bacon instead of manning up to his responsibilties. I've been really mad at him, so I thought I would do some spiritual work to try to get him to change his view point. Unfortunately, I wasn't in the right frame of mind, and I drifted off to sleep projecting thoughts of violently breaking his windscreen with a brick. This is not really what I wanted to send out and, unsurprisingly, the karma of such negativity came bouncing right back at me.
Saskia on the Luge
The very next day, driving down the motorway, a stone hit my windshield and left a big chip in the middle. Worse still, it also left a chip which cracked down at the bottom of the screen. There is now a spiderweb of cracks creeping their way up the glass and I'm stuck in waiting for the Autoglass men to call and bring me a whole new windscreen, instead of enjoying my holiday. And it cost me money too. So the moral of this story is: don't get mad when you are trying to influence the universe - it's bigger than you!