Saturday, 18 February 2012


The Chinese for a runny nose translates literally as "running nose bogies". My entire head is attempting to dribble out through my nasal passages. I had a bit of a cold - not much, just a gravelly voice - and then I went to the travel clinic. They gave me a vaccination against rabies ready for my trip to China next month.

"You may get a few flu-like symptoms," she said. Oh joy. Now I know it isn't flu, because I had the jab for that too, back in the autumn, but it sure feels like it. I am bunged up and sneezing, with skin that crawls when I touch it. I can't breathe so I can't sleep. My watery eyes are half shut and bleary. If this is what the vaccine is like, I'm sure glad I'm not going to get the disease.

Whilst feeling like my head was in the process of melting, we had a new boiler installed. Random blokes wandered through my house all half term. The old boiler was condemned last year, so we've done well to get it to limp on for a further 12 months. There comes a time when you just have to get things done, even if you don't know how to pay for them really. Somehow it will all work out, I hope. Anyway, now we have a new boiler and a radiator in Mel's room, which means he will have direct warmth for the first time in seven years. It's all very posh and even has a remote controlled timer system. This is a far cry from the archaic beast we've been living with. I kind of miss having to top the pressure up manually every two hours.

On a positive note, (Anne, if you're reading this) we have finally eaten all the green beans out of our freezer. Hurray! It's only taken four months. I wonder what we will eat now?

The trek is coming up soon and I am starting to get stressed out about it. I should be doing lots of training, and I have done a few long walks, but I feel it is not enough. This week has been impossible anyway, what with having the kids at home and having the team of boiler dudes strolling around my abode. Next week is looking more possible. Lucky Pal... lots of long walks for you!