Thursday, 12 March 2009


I've been taking a bit of time to look at where I am. There have been a number of changes recently in circumstances and I've had to adjust to more change coming up. My job is ending and I have nothing lined up. This in itself is scary. What am I going to do with myself and how are we going to survive without any money? Tricky!

The money thing hasn't really hit home yet. I think we'll be OK, if we cut our cloth to fit the income. It will be tough having to cut back on luxuries like gym membership and swimming lessons and holidays. I have pretty much given up on the idea of our planned summer holiday. We were originally going to Estonia for a while, and maybe down through the Baltic States of Latvia and Lithuania to Poland. Then our Polish contacts couldn't do the same dates as us, so I changed the plan to just include Estonia.

Having looked at the prices of flights / accommodation and other expenses, there doesn't seem to be a cheap and easy way of doing it. So I'm guessing that Estonia will be replaced with camping in Norfolk or similar. A bit of a come-down, but about a thousand pounds cheaper.

I've had some quiet days this week. I've written a lot of the children's book I'm currently writing. I've cooked homemade meals. I've kept the place tidy and done the washing. I've taken the dog on long walks. It has been very relaxing and just what I needed.

In fact I can see my future stretching ahead of me full of home cooking, woodland walks and a tidy house, instead of the stressed mania of the past six years (instant pizza and bomb-site home). I can even see the possibility of decorating and gardening poking its long forgotten head up to say hello.

I've missed out on so much domesticity by working so hard over the past few years. Mind you, I don't think I was ever a domestic goddess. The thought of aiming towards such a status would have made me laugh in fear a few years back, but now it sounds like an oasis of relaxed bliss. I can't wait until the summer when I can say Goodbye to endless stress, and Hello to self-sufficiency.


I just haven't worked out where the money is going to come from yet. There are three possibilities:
get another job part-time,
publish my books and live off the royalties or
win the lottery

I wonder which is the most likely.... hmm.

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