Thursday, 26 August 2010

Looking Really Pleased.

I don't do cooking. I really don't. So when the kids said they wanted to bake Grandma a birthday cake, I said "Go on then!" and went and hid upstairs.

The resultant giggles, sticky kitchen and gloop covered clothing didn't wholly prepare me for the green gungy 'disasterpiece' that the kids produced. You can see from Grandma's face just how thrilled she was to receive it too.
(It tasted like dumplings mixed with pancakes. Kind of heavy. The 'icing' was made from flour, sugar, water and food dye.)

We had some friends from Sheffield down for a couple of days. Angela and Russ and two of Ange's kids - Rebecca and Steven. It was lovely to catch up with each other. It's been a few years since we last got together. We refrained from offering them the birthday cake.

Today I went over to Much Wenlock to see Ruth, whom I used to work with. We had lunch at a cafe and took a walk down the lane. All these house martins were swooping around an oak tree. They just kept going round and round. It was quite magical.

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