Sunday, 10 April 2011

Too Good To Miss

It's sunny. In fact it has been sunny most of the week. I've been mucking around doing *stuff* all week - getting to the end of another issue of Compass, hosting a Couchsurfer from Wales, doing acres of washing at Mum's (I still don't have a washing machine that works), walking the dog, planning for work next week. [Woohoo! I actually have some! Shame it's in the Easter holidays when the kids will be at home. :o( Still, best not to look a gift horse in the mouth.]
So, with the sun shining and all my little people racing around the house trashing it, I thought it best to get them OUT into the solar healing.
Cue me printing off a local walk we'd not tried before. It started at Upper Arley - a small village on the River Severn.

We followed the directions across numerous fields and over stiles, round farmyards and past barn conversions.
The dog nearly choked himself straining to chase sheep. The sheep made a hasty getaway and no damage was done. The trail followed the river for a couple of miles back to the car-park, where we all had ice-creams and felt virtuous.It claimed to be a 4.5 mile walk, but even with children it must have been longer. We took 2h 45m to complete it, and we hardly stopped, so unless our walking pace is similar to escargot, I'm guessing it's further. Either way, it was an enjoyable afternoon.

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