Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Holly King Defeated

The Cotswold Order of Druids had their winter solstice ceremony at Stonehenge. We went down, dressed up and got stared at by tourists. I love the feeling of owning the stones, being the people who can go inside the circle, by dint of it being our place of worship. What I hate is having a bunch of tourists photographing me while I do it. If I wondered into a random church and took photos of the congregation I would get chucked out, and yet it seems to be OK to video the weirdos in cloaks. Hmm.
The Oak King gave the Holly King a good thrashing and my kids handed out the food and drink. Nick called a quarter and it was about 20C warmer than last year, which, let's face it, wasn't difficult.

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  1. Hello Rachel,

    I am archaeologist and I write an historical article about the oak king - holly king myth that shall be published in a conference book about myths and mythologies. Please, would you allow me to show there the wonderful picture above from the two king battle at Stonehenge?
    You may tell me how you want to be cited as copyright holder (with name, nickname or homepage?). I would be very thankful and may send you a print of the article as soon as it will be published.

    Please contact me at sternenmoos(at)yahoo.de

    Thank you very much!
    Reena from Germany


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