Monday, 30 June 2014

Beer, the World Cup and Bowling

I don't normally watch football. Actually, I don't normally drink beer either, but somehow the two seem to go together and I have found myself winding down after a long day teaching cycling or maths or science with a bottle of Italian lager and some international footy. It has to be international, as England got sent home a long time ago. Good thing I have Holland to fall back on. And Columbia, I mustn't forget them. I pulled them out in the Bowling Club sweep-stake, and they are still in the game.

I spent today down at the Bowling Club, trying to get some in-house matches played. I played Mavis in the Rosebowl. It was a tit for tat game that went to 20-20. mavis won on the last bowl in a nail-biting finish. Then I played Doug in Matchplay. Again, we both won one leg each and it went to a tie-break. This time it was me that won on virtually the last wood of the day. What a set of games!

Yesterday the club played Ledbury, who are a very good team. Eartha played her first match. Sadly we got totally slaughtered, but I think she enjoyed being part of the team. Everyone made a fuss of her, anyway.

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