Thursday, 16 April 2009

Back to the Chaos

We arrived back sometime in the middle of the night and spent yesterday chilling, unpacking and trying to catch up on our sleep. I have a huge list of things to do - people to phone, bills to pay, letters to write, lessons to plan, washing to do. I have here all the school clothes from before the holiday, waiting for a visit to the washing machine. I've also spotted a couple of jobs to apply for, which needs doing today or they will miss the closing date. And the cat needs to go to the vets today for his boosters.

Meanwhile the house is knee-deep in the debris from the holiday and the kids are sitting around in their pyjamas watching Scooby-doo. And let's not mention the garden. The grass has gone on the rampage since we left. Several tribes of pygmys could be living in it. Hanging out the washing will involve using a machete to get to the washing line.

So I guess I'd better get off the computer and go and deal with the real world, instead of the virtual one.

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