Thursday, 16 April 2009

Soggy Doggy

I have somehow managed to get an awful lot done today. I've managed two lots of washing, applied for a job, taken Fergus the cat for his boosters, posted some cute baby clothes to a friend in the Czech Republic, fed the kids, organised a meal out with 5 friends and last but not least walked the dog.

We went down to the forest, as we usually do. It has been raining hard since we got back to the UK and there are huge puddles everywhere. It is a marked contrast to the sunny spring weather we had in the Netherlands.

The kids put their wellies and raincoats on and raced off along the forest track, jumping in any standing water more than a millimetre deep. Naturally, they ended up with muddy trousers, but compared to some wet walks I've had, they remained remarkably dry. I remember one when they were little: all of them managed to walk in a deceptively deep ditch and fill their wellies with muddy water. We literally poured the water out of them.

Anyway, it rained some more and the dog came off looking wettest out of the whole tribe. His fur stuck up in cute spiky tufts, making him look like a kind of space-dog from Mars. I tried to take a photo but I don't know if I captured the essence.

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  1. Ah! I wondered what your dog looked like! He is very cute. I love dogs. Glad you had a great trip! I read your travelblog and it looked like you had lots of adventure!


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