Sunday, 19 July 2009

If I leave here tomorrow, would you still remember me?

My friend Justin posted some of the Freebird lyrics in his status this week, and they have been going through my head for days. I just love that song. It was the staple of all school discos in the early 80s, along with 'Hi Ho Silver Lining' by Jeff Beck. Anyway, as I am in the final throes of packing for tomorrow's departure, I thought it was finally appropriate.

I have borrowed a top box from a friend, so we can try to fit all our stuff in. Unfortunately it has only three bolts and Karen is still looking for the keys, so I'm off to Halfords in a minute to see if I can get another bolt to fit and some bungees to prevent it flying open as we rocket down the motorway. I don't want that moment where you look in the mirror to see a trail of luggage bouncing away behind you.

So, parts of this post, and all further travel-related musings can be found on my travel blog.

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