Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Birthdays, Long Hours and Trees

Where did a decade go? Donny and Mel turned ten a couple of days ago. We did the candles and cake and pressies thing on the day itself and we are going out for a surprise treat on Saturday, providing the snow holds off. They got some nice clothes and a few toys. Donny was pleased with the books and Mel was thrilled with the science experiments he got.
This week, I have had no energy left to do anything at all. The position I took in Tipton turns out to be hundreds of miles away. I haven't managed to do the journey in less than an hour and twenty minutes each way. Make that longer for snow and lorry drivers who break down in the middle of junctions on the way. I have been on my beam ends. I don't know where to put myself for exhaustion. I can hardly move when I get in.The drive is only part of the problem. The way the school is set up means there is zero personal time during the day. End of story. I can't get enough to drink because there are no breaks. I can't go to the toilet, because there are no breaks. I'm not going to last at this place. It is just too intense. I cannot go from 6.30am breakfast to 10am without a drink. I can't last until nearly 2pm without lunch. I get ill. I am not a machine.

I had a dream after the first day, that my car had been stolen and the feeling was of relief because I wouldn't have to try to get into work!

So, my third day and I'm at home due to severe snow. My kids' school shut yesterday and is shut today too. Most of the schools across the country are shut, though notably not the one I am assigned to. Needless to say, I didn't even attempt to go in. Mum is snowed in, and without childcare I'm stuffed.
Meanwhile, the tree in our front garden, that was looking the worst for the snow, toppled right over under the weight of it. It blocked the drive completely, so I couldn't get out even if I wanted to.
I called Dave, a friend of the family, who turned up a couple of hours later with a chainsaw. He made short work of the tree, which is now in chunks on my lawn. At least we can get out of the drive now. Dave is hero of the day.

A carving a friend did for our wedding sits outside our front door.

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  1. What great pics! Love the carving! Very cool. Hope you had a fabulous holiday!


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