Thursday, 14 January 2010

Snow , Quitting Work, Bowling and More Snow

The interminable winter weather is still going on. We've had more snow, and then some more snow, just for good measure. The kids have been to school twice since the middle of December. I've got a sort of cabin fever from not being able to get out and do anything for days on end. I've not been climbing. I've not been swimming. I've not even been able to walk the dog much. I feel like I'm wrapped in a lardy layer and I'm itching to get moving. I can feel my fitness draining away. It's horrible. The kids are equally grumpy with each other's company. Driving has been so dangerous we haven't been going out except for essentials.
So when we have managed to get down the forest, I took some lovely pictures of all the snow. The kids built snowmen and made massive snowballs and the dog disappeared off on his own investigations.

Work-wise, well, basically, I quit. Supply is convenient like that.

I drove for two hours in the snow to get in last Thursday. The minute I arrived I was wheeled in front of a class. Over an hour later they had breakfast and I got told off for trying to get to the toilet instead of staying with them 'on duty'. Then I was in front of classes for a further four hours before lunch. Due to the ice and snow they cut lunch to 20 minutes. Then I was in front of a class for a further 90 minutes, before driving home again (1 hour 50 minutes).

Call me lazy, but I didn't sign up for slave labour. So I'm happily unemployed again, which is kind of handy, seeing as my kids' school has not been open due to the snow.
On Saturday we took the kids ten pin bowling as their birthday treat. They haven't tried it before, which puts us adults to shame. Mel won every game. In fact the kids came 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th every time and the adults brought up the rear (places 5th, 6th and 7th). Mind you, they did have gutter crash barriers and we didn't (or maybe the adults are just rubbish?!). Anyway, we had a great time and that's what's important.


  1. So you probably don't know this, so I thought I would write it down. Here ya go. I read every word of every entry you write. At least on this blog. I love it. I love what you have to say, how you say it, your family, everything. Thanks for continuing to blog...thank brightens my day.

  2. Thanks Becca! It's good to have a fan!


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