Monday, 5 July 2010

David's Sixty-And-A-Half-th

David (in the blue shirt above), from the bowling club, invited Mum and me to his birthday party. He actually turned 60 in January, but decided he wanted a garden party, and so he decided to wait until July.
His garden is beautiful. He must spend so much energy on it.

There were about 90 people there. Dave provided food in the form of a hog-roast and entertainment in the form of two stand-up comedians called Allan and Glyn. The comedy duo were from the Black Country and they were very funny.We had a lovely evening, despite getting a little chilled towards the end - everyone ended up wrapped in picnic blankets from the car!We headed off home at about eleven, but the evening was to take a more dramatic turn when one of the other bowling club members, Tom, fell over in the car-park at midnight.

Tom's sons-in-law put him back on his feet, but Tom collapsed again (and not just because of the whisky). No, Tom had broken his hip. Tom was refusing to go to hospital, so the sons-in-law hatched a plan and informed Tom that they were going to town to buy some chips. Tom didn't cotton on until they pulled up outside the hospital.

I understand he is now mending well and flirting with the nurses!

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