Monday, 13 December 2010

My Cleaner Hid My Slippers

No, I have no idea where my new cleaner has hidden my slippers. I just wish I could find them, especially with the surprise offerings from the senile cat. I really want my slippers.

Did I tell you the towel rail fell off the wall? The catalogue of disaster gets longer. The wall clock stopped working too - new batteries needed. I'm starting to wonder if it is a conspiracy.

I finally succumbed to the dreaded cough and had to have a day off work. The snow had been so heavy I had to leave the car behind and walk up the hill. Anyone would have thought I was torturing Eartha deliberately, as according to her, it was minus 70, she had frostbite and her feet had turned into penguin feet. And that was just the half a mile up the hill. Two hours later, the power went off and stayed off for six hours. We all had a very early, candle-lit night.
I coughed my way through it, then, in the morning, looking at the glassy roads and feeling majorly rough, I decided to stay home, and promptly fell asleep for another two hours. Here I am, two weeks later, still coughing. Ruddy thing won't go away.

The intense cold did lift slightly last weekend, which allowed the Severn to unfreeze. I've never, ever seen the river frozen. This was a first for me. I could see bemused birds standing on the ice.

I took a weekend away with Mel to Wales (see travel blog), which was lovely, it being the Xmas meet and lots of people there. Mel, however, is still struggling with 'issues' and, consequently, within a few hours of getting home, he absconded on his bike and had to be brought back by the police, this time. Any suggestions? I am at a loss as to what to do with him. I have spoken to every out-reach worker, teacher and medicine man going. They keep shoving me from pillar to post.

I'm sure everything will be alright if I could just find my slippers.


  1. I really hope you find your slippers, especially if they would help find the right way to get to Mel.

    I haven't gotten a cold this year, but My Piano Man is suffering for both of us. The poor thing has been coughing for days; it makes me feel terrible and there is only so much tea that I can give him *sigh*

  2. Thanks Magaly,
    I still can't find them. :o(
    I hope Piano Man is feeling better now.

    Rachel :o)


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