Friday, 31 December 2010

Remember to Dance

Mike and Angela came over on Tuesday. We all met at Mum's and did the present opening thing. The kids had bought and wrapped their own presents, which led to some eccentric offerings - including the single wrapped sock Saskia gave to Unky Monkey (Mike), having discovered it after wrapping the other 5 as a bundle. They also got given a selection of Christmas hats, which seemed to go down well.

Our annual visit to the pantomime took us to see Aladdin a
t the Courtyard in Hereford. It was a spectacular, colourful performance, with a different cast from previous years. Very enjoyable.

Well, as the end of the year draws nigh, I am thinking about resolutions and the future. In a spirit of eco-friendliness, I am recycling last year's resolutions - get fit, lose weight, get published - plus adding a new one: Remember to Dance. I spend so much time striving for things that I often forget to dance and enjoy life as it flows. So next year, I am going to try to remember to dance.

I'm thinking about starting a photo-journal blog, with an image a day on it. This is partly inspired by Druid Dave's blog The 11th Hour, where he takes a photo at 11am every day. I'm not quite that organised, and I think 11am photos would be a problem in a classroom environment anyway, so I want to do something more like a Snapshot of the Day thing, based around something interesting or unusual (in the hope that either of those things happen to me daily!)
or funny or just plain mundane.

I met someone at a Mensa meeting, probably 20 years ago now, who used to keep a photo-diary in the days before the internet was in everybody's homes. I thought then that it was a good idea. Maybe I'll fail to keep it going, but we'll have to see. If you don't try, you'll never know.

Anyway, it's called Blink and You'll Miss It. Happy New Year everyone.

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