Sunday, 1 May 2011

All The Things We've Done

So much to do... so little time. We had three French Couchsurfers, and now we have four American ones. I think I've scared them into submission by being grumpy after the trip maypole dancing with the Druids. I get grumpy when I'm tired.I have missed blogging about so much. Here are Kinnie and Maxime on Clee Hill, when Nick took them to Ludlow Castle for the day.Here are my kids, plus Faye and Megan when we went walking in the forest yesterday. We did a couple of hours round the red route with my friends Lynn and Jon.
This is breakfast for ten people - the usual suspects, plus Tanya, Annie, Jacob and Adele. Then we took them into Bewdley to do the Maths Trail that Mel made through the school.
They enjoyed teasing the fish and climbing the trees and apple cores.
Then we went pole-dancing. No! Not that sort. May-pole dancing.

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