Sunday, 26 June 2011

Ducks and Rocks

Every day brings a list of things to do and places to be. There seems to be no day that doesn't have at least two or three items on the list. Sunday last week was a day in question. Swimming lessons followed by a meal out for father's day followed by a Duck Race in Eardisland and finally a bowling match (We won!).
The week involved teaching lots of Bikeability, going climbing, catching up with Steve, catching up with Sarah, shopping, dog walking, catching up with Elaine, and going to Jude's 60th. Jude's party had Becky's band playing. They had a lot of energy and some good tunes, but it was about four times the volume I can stand, so we left early. I just can't do loud music. I
t batters me like a physical assault. I hated discos and night clubs for the same reason when I was young.
Yesterday, we went to Stonehenge with the Cotswold Druids for a S
olstice ritual. There was a fabulous storyteller there, a great 'battle' between the oak and holly kings (summer and winter) and some mad dancing. My girls got to hand out the mead and snacks. It is difficult to get spiritual when there are several hundred tourists photographing you from behind the barriers. I love doing rituals at Stonehenge, but I get more out of them personally when we do dawn ones and we're not on show.
On the way home we called on Andy again to pick up Nick's birthday present - one of Amanda's paintings called Lemon Olive. Nick celebrated his 51st birthday with a Chinese takeaway at Mum's when we finally got back.

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