Saturday, 3 January 2009

A Walk in the Woods.

I can't believe I have to go back to work on Monday. My stomach does panic flips at the thought. Yesterday, I spent half the day updating my CV (that's a resume to my American readers) in the hope that I can persuade some unsuspecting company to pay me a fortune to do very little and still give me 65 days holiday a year. Hmm. Better do some work on my spiel about "What I can offer your business".

Anyway, Friday I spent a couple of very pleasant hours putting the world to rights with a friend over cups of coffee in town. Then I went on a hunt for birthday presents for the kids. It is difficult to find the right thing. I really hate just wandering around looking for something to buy. I'd much rather go out with a plan ready made, and look for a particular thing. It feels like I'm wasting money if I'm just buying it for the sake of buying it. In the end, I did find some nice little things, but I have yet to wrap them. That will have to wait until the kids are asleep tonight.

It has been cold and frosty for the past few days, and the kids haven't managed to get outside much. The swimming lessons started again today, so the big twins headed off there this morning, while I stayed in bed with my sore throat. The fear of going back to work is preventing me from sleeping at night, so I have had a number of 2 am vigils, thanks to the insomnia. Consequently, I now have a cold, headache and sore throat. Lucky me.

Anyway, having taken down all the Christmas decorations in anticipation of the birthday experience tomorrow, we decided to head off to Queenswood. It is a pretty little arboretum about half an hour's drive away that makes a nice change from the Wyre Forest.

[pic of kids at Queenswood]

The kids managed to get muddy and the dog stretched his legs. We all needed some fresh air. There's a telescope at the viewpoint that allows you to look over half of Herefordshire. It's set a bit high for the little twins. Saskia peered into it and said "I can see the moon!"

[pic: Saskia can see the moon. Nick looks on]


  1. First of all, I am sorry you are sick. I can not funtion properly when I don't feel well.

    Second, I am sorry you dislike your job. I have been there before. I am more of a be-your-own-boss kind of gal, since when I am told when I can take a break, have time off, eat lunch, etc, I want to pull out my hair. I hate being told what to do!

    Third, I hope the girls have a great birthday tomorrow! They are adorable kids.

    And Lastly, the woods look so pretty. We don't have any leaves like that around here. All the trees are dead and scary looking covered by rock hard snow covered dead grass. Sigh

  2. I'm with you on the 'hate being told what to do' thing. I did run my own business for a bit, but I didn't make enough money at it for it to be more than a hobby. I am seriously stressed about the prospect of going back to work. Maybe I'll feel better once I'm there.(?) The sore throat is getting better, which is a good sign.
    The woods were lovely yesterday, but they always are. I looked at the desert and mountains around your home town. It really is spectacular there.


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