Thursday, 1 January 2009

New Year's Eve

Well, I was going to write some blog tonight, but it seems I can’t connect to the internet because every man and his dog is phoning their long lost relatives. It is nearly midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Nick and I are waiting up to hear Big Ben strike the hour, the way we usually do, but there is nothing much on the TV and Jools Holland’s Annual Hootenanny gets less engaging every year.

We have been out to visit some friends, finally, after sitting at home getting fed up of our own company for three days. The kids were getting cabin fever.

Yesterday, I took the kids to a local soft play area in a large converted warehouse. The kids can run about and climb and bounce and generally burn off some energy. Sarah (my friend) and I sat there with our coats on, hugging mugs of over priced hot chocolate. It was so cold we could see our breath steaming in the air – and that’s inside!

In the afternoon we went over to see some friends (Oli and Helen) who have just had their first baby. She’s called Sapphire, and she’s gorgeous. I got to snuggle the baby and my kids managed to entertain themselves for nearly two hours using nothing but a furry, sheep-shaped draught excluder. Who needs toys, eh?

Today we went over to see Frank and Elaine, who have been friends for about forever. Elaine, with wonderful experimental décor has decorated her tree in crimson feather boas this year. It looks great. Frank, who is wonderful with small people, entertained the kids first with the geriatric hamster and afterwards with a game that involved catching plastic mice. According to his nephew he ‘lives in the garage’, so this might explain his current affinity with rodents (?!).

Anyway, it’s nearly time to toast in the New Year, so I shall save this and post it when the internet is once again ready to play ball.

Happy New Year everybody!

Rachel xx

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  1. What a great time! I wish we had somewhere like where you took your kids! I love places that cater to kids like that!


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