Thursday, 15 October 2009

Harvest Festival

This is notably my 100th post, something I wouldn't have realised, but for the counter on the dashboard. I must have started this blog about a year ago (maybe November?? I can't remember), so I'm averaging about one posting every couple of days, if you take the six weeks when I was out of the country into account.

Is that good? I have no idea. How often does a 'normal' blogger post? How long do they make their posts? How long do they keep it up for? Months? Years? Just once and then get bored? Has anyone done a study on this? I need answers. Show me those statistics.

So today was the Harvest Festival Assembly at my kids' school. The first three classes did theirs first. They did some poems and little prayers and showed the harvest mice they'd baked out of bread rolls. Saskia and Eartha both read something out.

The classes sang a couple of songs. My friend Sue's little boy, James, is in the reception class. He's only four. He was there on the front row, looking smart in his uniform. During the songs he resolutely stood there with his fingers in his ears whilst his classmates sang cheerfully about the Harvest Moon.

Then there was a produce sale, with proceeds going to Save the Children. I ended up with a butternut squash, three potatoes and a swede, as you do. Mum took some onions and a pineapple. One parent asked if there was anything apart from vegetables for sale. Someone gently pointed out that it was the harvest festival, so vegetables are to be expected.

Then it was time for the older kids to perform. They did a short musical play. Donny was one of the dancers, and she did it very well. Mel didn't join in much with the singing. I like to think it was because he doesn't know the words and can't read well enough to follow them on the screen, but I suspect it was because he was less than enthusiastic about being one of the chorus. He did do the actions to the songs. I guess he's not a singer like his sisters. Maybe he had something else on his mind.

They were all great. The performances get better each year. It is so nice to be able to get to see them without having to beg for cover from work. That is definitely one advantage of being unemployed.

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  1. I relish these moments. Unemployment has it's perks. I am really upset right now with myself because I am not able to spend my time on my kids...I have been too strung out with work and other stuff. I am about to freak and just quit and spend days on the couch reading to my kids. lol


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