Monday, 19 October 2009

The Romans' Day Out

Eartha's class teacher asked me to help out with their school trip. They have been studying the Romans so they were going to see some Roman artifacts and learn a bit more about the Roman way of life. We were instructed to dress up in togas for the day and most of the children made an excellent effort. The adults didn't do too badly either.
The coach trip was only half an hour. The kids were ever so excited. We split them into two groups. The one group had an interactive talk about pottery and things you can dig up. The other group got to excavate some trays of sand and record the findings of their 'archaeological dig'.

We watched the resident glass-blower, Charlotte, make a green swirly-patterned goblet in a matter of minutes.
Then one of the kids had a go at blowing glass, to amusing effect. The molten glass rapidly slid towards the floor, leaving a cooling glass structure in the shape of a golf club.

After lunch and a visit to the gift shop, the children played some traditional games, like hop-scotch and got to cut out and decorate a picture of a Roman urn. Time was a bit tight, so we hopped back on the bus to get back to school just in time for the end of the school day.

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