Thursday, 11 February 2010

Still no heating.

Oh, excellent, just when I thought it was starting to get a bit warmer, we have another dose of snow. And not just a sprinkling: a whole blizzard, however short lived. The temperature has plummeted from 8C to -3C in a few days. Last night I crawled under two king size duvets with my hot-water bottle. I was wearing PJs, a nightie, a jumper, socks and a woolly hat. My nose got really cold, but the rest of me was snug.

It is arctic in my house. I have taken to wearing up to five layers. In fact, after spending half an hour this morning on my knees hoovering the permafrost out of my carpet, I put on a pair of jogging bottoms over my jeans. (My vacuum has no long attachment that stays attached, so I have to grub around on the floor scraping dog hair up with the end of the nozzle. Oh the fun I have...).
Mum's cat: Crocus

Actually, Crocus is an innocent compared to our ginger and white cat, Fergus. Fergus is getting a little long in the tooth and possibly a little senile. He's been around for long enough to know that he doesn't like the cold. So much so, that he's decided he doesn't like to venture outside to take a pee in the snow. He has taken to whizzing in the house, when there is snow on the ground.

I can see what is going on in his little furry mind: Ah, snow! I think I'll whizz up the curtains. (Looks for curtains.) Drat! She's taken them down for washing again. I'd better whizz in the grate or all over the kindling. That gives a good blast of cat when the humans light it!

As if I didn't have enough to worry about. The house is so cold, the floor stays wet for hours where I've mopped up the cat's offering. Getting the curtains dry is a different challenge.

Anyway, this week has managed to be productive, despite the deep freeze. I have applied for four jobs. Becca came up with an excellent summary of job hunting. I, too, am deeply unenthusiastic about someone owning my time, but I am also still a little scared of committing myself to the misery of constant negative criticism. I have a fear that any job will be like the last one, and therefore I am like a frightened animal, trusting no-one and preferring to run away.

So, how come I applied for four jobs? Well, I had a look at the sort of jobs I would have had a shot at, if I'd applied ten years ago. They are all in the environmental sector and look really interesting. I guess I feel safe applying for them, because I have been out of the game for so long now, that they won't even invite me to interview. It's a sort of backwards logic. I am looking for a job honest. (Phew! That was close!).

The really good news of the week is that I have been reprieved, at least for now. My blood sugar, it turns out, is normal(ish) and not spiralling out of control. The test meter I had was faulty and giving a reading of nearly 2 points above what it should. I have to say, I am quite relieved. I know the dreaded disease will get me eventually, but for the moment I get to live another day. Pass me that slice of cheesecake, would you?


  1. I love what you have to say! You always make me chuckle with your quick wit and descriptive tales. Please keep it up. You brighten my day!


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