Thursday, 13 January 2011

Five Miles

I've been meaning to do this walk around Cleobury Mortimer for a while now. I found it on a website and printed it out. It was about five miles across stiles and fields through the Shropshire countryside and I fancied going somewhere I hadn't been before.

There seemed to be a storm brewing so I took waterproofs and Pal. We traipsed across some very muddy fields. Pal was freaked out by the wind turbine. Her really didn't like it at all. It brought to mind the phrase 'tilting at windmills' as he barked and dodged underneath it.

The storm never did catch up with me. I had a nice chat with a farmer, who was rounding his lambs up by quad-bike, then I cut back down the lane to avoid more sheep-filled fields. Pal on a lead means you come home with one arm longer than the other and I wasn't up for that. The walk took about two and a half hours, so I think Pal got a good run, despite being tethered to me some of the time.

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