Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Dog is in the Dog House.

You must have had those mornings, when you have a whole load of things to get on with and fate conspires against you. After dropping my jet-lagged kids off at school, I went for a walk with Elaine and the dog. I listened to the 9am news as I waited for Elaine to park the car.

It is fairly cold this morning, just above freezing, but I have gone back to wearing my old coat, as the new one I got before Xmas has broken the zip. I already took it back once because the hood ripped, so I am not going to be buying that brand again!

The dog stayed with us for most of the walk and we got back to the cars just before 10am. The dog was nowhere to be seen. It happens quite often, but he tends to turn up within a few minutes. Elaine headed off and I went to get a cup of tea.

Well, I waited and waited and after an hour I gave up and headed home. Just as I was leaving I had a call from Donny and Mel's teacher to say that Pal had managed to arrive at their school, two miles away, and could I come to collect him!

He must have chased something and managed to get himself really lost this time. He was quite pleased to see me though he is definitely in the dog house right now.

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  1. Poor puppy! I bet he was all smiles when he saw his mama ;-)

    And yes, I've had one of those morning way too often!


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