Sunday, 20 March 2011


I drove XX to the hospital for the update on the pancreatic biopsy. Actually the doctor tells me it isn't a biopsy, it's a something else where they suck out cells instead of taking a core sample. Whatever. We were expecting the worst, having been mentally preparing for it as much as you can.

It was a total surprise when the doctor told us the result had come back normal. Normal! Thank you gods! It feels like a total reprieve (even if we still have the breast cancer to worry about). We went for lunch at the George to celebrate. The world has shifted slightly again, but maybe the run of bad luck is easing. I hope so.

Meanwhile the stalker struck again - this time pretending to be a wrong number and chatty friend. I am fed up of Mr Teacher Spanky and I wish he would just get a life that doesn't involve pestering me. The police think they might be able to prosecute him for Criminal Harassment, once they have traced the number.

I can't believe how fast the spiring equinox has swung around. It seems only last week that it was Imbolc. The weather has certainly improved over the past couple of weeks though and there are flowers on the trees, so everyting feels lighter and brighter. Or maybe it is the reprieve that has made the world a sunnier place. I don't know, but it is good.


  1. I did a little dance for XX. I've been taking my mom to the hospital for a gazillion tests and the other day we, too, got some great negative news.

    Hopefully the police can get hold of Mr. Teacher Spanky and smack him on the back of the head a few times.

    Happy Spring Equinox!

  2. Thank you! Sending good Healthy Spring vibes to your Mom. xxx


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