Saturday, 5 November 2011

Following the Trail

Nick discovered an advert in the paper for a Spooky Trail for kids at a garden centre, not too far away. It seemed like a fun thing to do, so we headed off. Nao and Anne squeezed in to the car too. At first it didn't look like there was going to be much to it, as we pulled up. It looked like a garden centre. Before very long, though, we realised it was going to be both fun and beautiful.
The kids had a trail through a meticulously maintained garden owned by a pair of Druids (who actually run the garden centre). A huge Herne the Hunter statue greeted us at the garden entrance.
There were ghosts hanging from the trees, fake gravestones hidden in the bushes and pumpkins glowing through the foliage. Evidence of the green man peeked out from fountain and a nestbox. There was a hobbit home, a witches lair, a stone circle looking very zen garden and a labarynth trail to follow.
After that, the fun was not yet done. There was face painting and spooky sculptures to make out of natural materials. The kids had a great time.


  1. Yesterday I had lunch with Dominique in Lyon! After that we cycled a dozen km together to pick up my son from school. He recognised her immediately and asked if she cooked something! It was the last beautiful golden warm(!) sunny autumn day, on Dec 1st, how lucky! The storm last night must have finally blown all the leaves from the trees...

  2. We've been very lucky with the mild autumn weather this year. Glad to hear you are still in touch. :o)


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