Sunday, 13 November 2011

A Good Combination

I have been without reliable internet for a while. My router died a slow, agonizing death. It would cough through a few Mb of data, then gasp a rattling breath when I asked it to do something complicated... like show me my e-mails. Finally, we had to have it put down humanely. We are pleased to announce our new arrival. A smart, white wireless contraption that works more often than the last one did. It still isn't perfect.. I assume this is because we live in the countryside and therefore get a sub-standard Broadband connection. After all, only city businesses really need decent connectivity, don't they? Can you hear the sarcasm in my typing? Sigh. Changing the world, one byte at a time.
Last weekend my hill-walking friend John got married to the lovely Lisa. I'm sure John would appreciate the fact that I climbed the Malverns in the morning, raced home, got changed in ten minutes flat and still made it to the right church before the bride. There was a good turn out from the Bewdley Mountaineering Club. Most of them scrub up well. I haven't seen any of the men in a suit before, or the ladies in dresses, for that matter. Usually they are all covered in mud or swigging from a wine bottle, or both. And that's just the ladies.

Anyway, I digress. The blushing bride in a flowing white dress was walked up the aisle to a famous tune
by Worzel's. The words echoed romantically (and they are romantic, if you think about it) around St Barnabas' Church:
"I've got a brand new combine harvester, and I'll give you the key. Let's get together, in perfect harmon-y."
I'm guessing it was a first for most people. I loved it. The service was pleasant, with lots of good sing-along hymns. Next stop was the reception over the road.
I got to catch up with people, chatting away to everyone. There was a pig-roast outside and fireworks scheduled for the evening. I stayed as long as I could, but I still missed the speeches and cutting the cake and display of fireworks, which was a shame. I just have too much of a hectic life.

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