Sunday, 13 November 2011

Left Over Photos

I missed out some photos from the 'Trail' blog, mostly due to my random internet. I loved the 'zen' garden with standing stones, and the kids making their Spooky Designs.


  1. Thanks for all the "Trail" pics, a very nice souvenir. I'm still crossing my fingers for the job... BTW when I talked with you about the topic "kissing gate", I was actually looking for the word "stile" but meanwhile I learnt the difference.
    Today I chewed again some pumpkin seeds, I think a third of them are still left... I'm so so sorry about the carpet! That was really dangerous. That's how accidents happen: One just doesn't expect something that stupid. Apart from that your blog is so funny to read. I will continue from time to time to see what's going on at your's. Hugs, Anne

  2. Hi Anne,
    I didn't get an interview for the job :o( but I have ordered a new carpet, which will look rather nice. The house insurance will pay for most of it, so not to worry. Glad you are enjoying the blog. Hugs,
    Rachel :o)

  3. Glad for the carpet! I didn't dare asking about the insurance. You always have immediately the appropriate reflexes. Never mind for the job. You are soooo busy already! And it would have been a pity for the bikability you enjoy. I know as the kids grow, more and more money is needed though. At the mo it becomes tight for many people, but former generations managed somehow too going through tougher times. BTW I admire you for all your activities: writing articles (like the one about twins for your friend), your pagan stuff and traveling for meet-ups, now the radio experience - I would NEVER do it but you are brave to try something new: hats off!


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