Friday, 26 December 2008

Christmas Day

Well, Santa did come, much to the relief of my children. Indeed, discovery of the stockings took place in the wee small hours of Christmas Day. The alarm clock said 4.11 and I won't repeat what I said. Eventually we persuaded them to settle back down for a couple more hours beauty sleep.

After breakfast we opened the first wave of presents under the tree. The singing dolls were popular, as was MouseTrap and Downfall board games. I had a CD of the Killers. Apparently I mentioned that I liked their music, but I can't remember ever having heard of them. I hope something jogs my memory when I have a moment to put the CD into the player!

[pic of mince pies]

We made a point of walking the dog on our way down to Mum's. It made us a little late, but fortunately Mike and Ang had stepped into the breach and got the goose and veggies cooking. Christmas dinner was a magnificent festival of dedicated eating, as always. We didn't quite manage to eat everything, but we had a good go.

Nobody could manage pudding, so we cleared a space and opened the second wave of presents. Mike and Ang, in their wisdom, have bought me an alarm clock that sets you a puzzle to solve before the alarm will turn off. I mean, how cruel is that? There is a Wimp Out button, but it makes the alarm shriek at you for 30 seconds as a punishment! What have I ever done to them??

[pic of Xmas pud]

We did finally get onto cheese, biscuits, kirsch Xmas pudding and Yule Log, but it was an effort to fit it in. We watched Dr Who (essential viewing), then made our way home to try out our new pyjamas.

[pic of Yule Log]



  1. Sounds wonderful. Can you describe your Christmas pudding? And what is mince pie and yule log? I don't think I have ever heard of it.

    Is it cold there on Christmas usually?

    Oh, and on your address, what is your town and state? I am just not sure where you live exactly. just curious!


  2. Hi Becca,
    I've put pix of the food on here for you, but you'll have to try them one day!
    Rachel xx


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