Sunday, 21 December 2008

The Tooth Fairy

I'm back again! Yesterday was a total rest day after a manic Autumn Term. The kids spent it slobbing infront of the TV. I was the most energetic of the family, and all I did was walk the dog.

Our favourite place for dog walking is the Wyre Forest.

I love this forest. It is mixed woodland, heavy on conifers and oak. There are deer and squirrels, owls and rabbits. The dog can run and run without either getting on a road or irritating people who think dogs should always be on a lead. He's the sort of dog that needs to run. There is no way I could walk him far enough on a leash for him to actually get enough exercise. Indeed I think it would be cruel to restrict him to my walking pace.

So anyhow, I love to ramble and the dog loves to run. Pal regularly races off into the undergrowth, chasing things. I think the squirrels are safe until he learns to climb trees. He is often seen staring up the trunk at their disappearing bushy tails, with a confused look on his face. On the down side, he has a habit of disappearing for 30 minutes at a time. I don't think he actually gets lost, because he always meets us back at the visitor's centre. This is what happened yesterday. I had a pleasant walk, mostly on my own, and the dog met me at the end.

Somewhere in his adventures he's managed to cut the pad on one paw, so he spent the evening licking it and limping. I've no idea what he stepped on, but I guess it's sore. It'll heal. It's not serious.

The news of the day, of course is that Saskia finally lost her first tooth. She is the last of the children to do so. Eartha (her twin) already has two grown up teeth and has done for some time. Saskia proudly phoned Grandma to tell her.

Some years ago, Donny (that's Idonea's nickname) was given a book about the Tooth Fairy. In this book the little girl refuses to give her tooth to the fairy until the fairy has answered some questions. She leaves the fairy several letters, which the fairy replies to each time.

This book has got a lot to answer for. For a start, my kids no longer just expect the requisite £1 per tooth. They now also expect long, informative letters about the workings of Fairyland and the use to which their teeth are being put. They leave out dolls' clothes for the Dental Sprite, and ask for sugar-free offerings for her. She is expected to reply in fairy script (non-recognisable handwriting), and to visit over several days to answer all the questions posed.

This is quite a challenge, as the Tooth Fairy in our house is not all that reliable and sometimes forgets to come at all. Last night, however, a lovely young fairy called Gloria did come and visit, spiriting Saskia's tooth away to be used as a mantle stone in her cousin's house. She declined the gift of the Barbie T-shirt as it would not fit over her wings.

I guess we should have known.

Rachel xx


  1. Ha, Ha, Ha! How funny! The tooth fairy is not that reliable here either! Good thing Gloria came and made all right! ;)

    Pal sounds like a great dog!

    I hope you keep posting! Your blog is great and such fun to read!


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