Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Christmas Eve

Well, Merry Christmas everybody. Tis the season to be jolly and all that. We had a quietish day where Nick went off and did his Xmas shopping in the time honoured way that men do (i.e. at the last minute). The kids and I hung around, waiting for him to get back.

This year we're having the meal at Mum's house, which is only ten minutes drive away. We've split the cooking and preparations - I get to do the vegetables, my brother Mike and girlfriend Ang are doing the goose and Mum gets to do the drinks. Mike and Ang are staying at Mum's until Boxing Day. It's a short visit this year (and I won't be taking them swimming).

We did finally get down to Mum's today for about 4ish, and we had a manic hour or two chopping veg ready for tomorrow. There's no way I'm going to prepare masses of vegetables in the morning. I'll be far too busy sorting out acres of discarded wrapping paper and handing out the nibbles.

The kids all helped out, peeling potatoes, scrubbing carrots and chopping broccoli. They spent a happy half hour spearing cheese and pineapple onto sticks. And then scoffing the rest of the cheese. I kind of expected the plate to have regimented rows of cheesy-pineapple sticks on it. Not a chance. They are just piled up any which way, like one of those games where you have to pull out the rods and the first one to make the whole lot collapse loses.

We came home for tea, watched "A Christmas Carol" for the nth time and then hustled the children into bed. The stockings are out, and the mince-pie and carrot are waiting by the chimney. We will just have to see if we've been naughty or nice this year.

Ho, Ho, Ho!

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