Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Emergency Briefing

There was an emergency meeting at the end of school today. This caused much speculation during the afternoon. What was it all about? The biggest fear, was that the school inspectors were due. An Ofsted visit at this time of year would be extremely stressful.

However, it appears that Ofsted is not the current threat. Instead, three staff are being tested for swine flu. The results come out on Monday. Watch this space. As far as I know the school won't shut, but once the kids get wind of the possibility, there will be constant riots in lessons.

As we left the meeting, where we'd been told that a potentially life-threatening virus was on our doorstep, I over heard one of the staff say:

"At least it isn't Ofsted. That would be a real nightmare!"

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  1. Ha! That is funny! At least it isn't ofsted!! We have the swime flu creeping in around here too, but so far it hasn't been a big deal. Thankfully. It is amazing how it seems to be stretching to everyone, everywhere.


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