Tuesday, 2 June 2009

A House Full

We have had a plethora of cousins to visit this weekend. Cory and Devon finished their European tour with a week in England, before jetting off back to Canada yesterday. Nick's brother, Phil, and his two girls, Milli and Sophia, also came for the weekend. We managed to fit five extra bodies into our house without too much crush. The queue for the shower was possibly the longest, but nothing we couldn't cope with.
The cousins were great with my four kids. Saskia and Eartha hero-worshipped them, loving being carried around, teased and paid loads of attention. They all had a whale of a time.
Although they were only here for three days, we managed to do a couple of short trips. On Saturday we went out to Ludlow castle via Clee Hill. There was a nice little market in Ludlow too, which they all enjoyed.
On Sunday we just went down into Bewdley and ate ice-creams by the river, before looking round the museum. It was quiet and relaxing and nothing too strenuous after their month plus of travelling.

Phil and the girls left on Sunday, to head back down to Kent, but the boys stayed an extra night, and Nick drove them down to Heathrow. He was knackered by the time he got home again. It was lovely to have the family here together. I hope it isn't so long before we get to do it again.

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