Monday, 15 June 2009

The End

I am not ever, ever going to apply for any more teaching positions. I have just failed, once again, to get a job at a very nice school. Why? Because when they asked me what my worst teaching experience was I told them "Being unsupported". It was a very mild truth and they said I was too negative. My Gods, what if I had actually told them the real unadorned truth?

I am so damaged by the place I have been working at. I have survived the emotional abuse of the past few years, but clearly not without scars. But that was the last one. I made a promise that if I didn't get this one, then that was it. The end. No more teaching.

The Gods have obviously got something else in mind for me. Whatever it is, I'm ready now. Bring it on.


  1. In the U.S. this is the worst market for teaching positions, at least in public school level, that we have seen in my lifetime. I have a couple of dear friends who are just entering it and getting blistered by the social climate of the appeals process. But if you can pick yourself up from all these disappointments, Rachel, don't give in. Even if it means waiting until you're up to fighting for it again. The Gods are endless and thus patient. We're temporary and have to keep trying if we ever want to see good come around. At worst you'll wind up with a heck of an essay on which are crueler - literary agents or school boards.

    Have you posted on what the worst teaching experience was before?

  2. So many things to answer here! They are short of teachers in the UK, but it is one of the toughest jobs going in terms of the hours and stress involved. You'll have to dig down to the Jan/Feb blogs to read about some of the *worst* bits I was going through then. I obviously can't be too specific on a public blog - I don't know who reads this. In a nutshell: The bullying started after I took time off after my Dad died. It miraculously stopped once I handed my notice in. Meanwhile it leaves me jobless in a couple of months' time, with 4 kids to bring up.
    Literary agents I am expecting many rejections and I try not to take myself too seriously. A miraculous breakthrough into authoring would be fabulous, but is hardly expected! ;o)

  3. Gah! Well I can tell ya that prayers are sent your way here from Utah. Here's hoping the Gods are listening!!


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