Sunday, 7 June 2009

Jobs and More Jobs (Part IV)

Somewhat to my surprise, I have another job interview next week. It is as Coordinator of Science for a special school. Having failed to get any of the jobs that were a sideways level move, I am not keeping my hopes up for a promotion. Let's face it, it is way out of my league, but I'm secretly pleased to even get the interview.

What is even more ironic, is that one of the places that didn't give me the job, turned me down on the basis that I 'seemed dismissive' of the SEN kids. This really upset me, because the opposite is actually true. I've worked really hard with my 'special' kids, and they have exceeded their targets as a group on average by one whole level. Non-teachers will find that sentence complete gobbledigook, but believe me, it is an amazing feat.

Each level is divided into 3 sub-levels. Normally, children progress by an average of 2 sub-levels every year. Brighter kids might manage a whole level, and kids that struggle might manage one sub-level. Targets are set, based on where we think they will get to by the end of the year - i.e. expected progression has been taken into account already. My SEN group did their expected progression and achieved an extra three sub-levels on top of that on average. Trust me - it is phenomenal.

So maybe you can see why being turned down for not caring enough about SEN kids really naffed me off.

Anyway, this job interview next week is for a special school for kids who can't attend mainstream school because of their learning difficulties. It would be a challenge, but I could wring so much fun out of it. Kids learn when they play, but mainstream school doesn't have time for playing, in the rush to stuff exam-passing information into them. The criteria for teaching in a SEN school would be much more holistic. I think I would thrive at it.

On the other hand, I would have to work full time, which scares me. I get a tightening in my throat at the thought. But, maybe that is just the fear of the unknown. I've worked at a tough, uncaring school for quite a while now. I have forgotten what it is like to be valued. Maybe if I was happy at work, the five day week wouldn't bother me.

It is all speculation anyway, because my chances of getting the post are enormously slim. Still, I'm chuffed to get the interview.

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  1. I hope it goes well!!! Will be thinking of you!


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