Thursday, 5 February 2009

And this is why I'm not at work today..

OK, so there are parts of the world that get loads of snow. England, on the other hand, grinds to a halt and gets all excited at the first flake.

Yeah! We got snowed on!
Lots of photos of snow:
Christmas trees in the blizzard.

Palafox in the snow.

The snow children.

Snow scape.

The back garden.

The front garden.

Cecil Shiver Frosty Freezy Chillblain.

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  1. Great news on your last post!!

    You know, I didn't come to Utah until I was 18. I lived in Texas before that, which hardly EVER sees I know just what you mean! They would give us days off of school if it just flaked a few snowflakes...

    Here, they don't cancel school for snow. They just dont.


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