Monday, 2 February 2009

Snowcastles and Sandmen

It did snow, at last, a decent amount. Nick went to work in it, but I didn't. There was a coating of the white stuff this morning - maybe an inch or so. Mum called to say that she couldn't get out of her drive. It is a steep farm track and whilst she might be able to slide down it, she'd never be able to slither back up again.

Without Mum coming, someone would have to stay home and take the kids to school. I volunteered. There is more snow forecast over the next couple of days, especially today, and I was worried about driving the 23 miles to work, but not being able to get back. Mum's decision to stay home solved my dilemma. I called them to say I wasn't coming in.

As it was, once I dropped the kids off, the snow was coming down thick and fast. I walked the dog, lost the dog, picked up some essential groceries, posted some letters, found the dog and nearly hit a lorry on the way back home. After several unanticipated swerves across the road, I hit the kerb with a bit of a jolt. It was an improvement on hitting the truck, but my last vestiges of conscience at not going into work were salved. I would have to be nuts to try that journey today.

By 11.30 the kids' school had called to say they were shutting, so I slithered back down to pick the kids up. I checked the internet to see which other schools have shut. It looks like most of them around here, plus a couple in Bromsgrove, but notably not mine. I bet the Head will make the staff stay for the Monday night meeting after school too. She's insane!

The kids have been making a snowman outside since they came home. They got out their beach stuff - buckets, rakes and spades. We wondered why it is we build snowmen and sand castles and not the other way around. As it is the snowman looks like a small, sad pile of snow with a frozen carrot stuck in it, like some sort of mutant unicorn horn. A castle might have been easier.

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  1. What an adventure you have been having these past few days...

    Snow! I hope I don't see anymore snow for the rest of the winter....yuck. I am not a cold person at all, but living in Utah, you don't get much of a choice. I am fron Texas, and I decided when I lived there that I wasn't a humidity person either, and Utah is very dry. I like dry. :)


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