Saturday, 28 February 2009

Like clockwork.

What a bust day I have planned. It is a masterpiece of precise timing to try to get everything done. I have to be out of the house in half an hour to get the kids to their swimming lessons and me to the gym. Meanwhile Nick is taking Saskia (whose lesson is on Sundays) down to Mum's house to take her old divan bed apart before the new one arrives.

The library books are due back too, so Nick has managed to hunt them down and they are in a bag by the door, ready to go. So I'll have to make a library stop before getting to Mum's as the library is only open in the morning on a Saturday.

The kids will no doubt help with the divan destruction, but there are a lot of tree branches that need putting on a bonfire, so that will be the second part of the morning. Everything up in flames, while the kids run around madly enjoying themselves.

My interview for the boys boarding school is coming up on Wednesday, so I need to plan an all singing all dancing super lesson, or I might as well not bother going to the interview at all. This may well take me all afternoon.

Then a friend has a concert tonight with her Blues Band, that I really want to go to. I'm kind of getting the feeling we may not get that far though. I haven't organised a babysitter and I don't want to go on my own. We'll see.

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