Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Don't wo**y, you ha*dly eve* use *!

Yippee! Snow day; legit! My school is closed and so is the kids' school. This is good because now I won't get into trouble for not going to work, because let's face it, I wasn't going to go in anyway. There were maybe 4 inches of snow when I woke up this morning. It's starting to melt now, (tea time), but the roads were lethal at 7am.

The kids finished building the snowman, which they named by committee. The heap of snow on my drive with a smile made out of pebbles is called:

Cecil Shiver Frosty Freezy Chillblain.

A fine name for a snowman, I thought!

Eartha did some painting and Saskia spent at least an hour walking round making an annoying dog-shaped toy bark repeatedly. We walked the (real) dog and then they played Twister for a bit. Then they got the train track out. At this point I went into "Have you considered putting things away before you get the next lot out?" mode.

There was a flurry of tidying before Mum went ballistic. I got them to look for a set of alphabet blocks that they haven't played with for ages. The set was spread throughout every toy box in the house. So far we have found 24 of the 25 blocks, and two that belong to a completely different set which has been in the attic for the past 4 years.

My house is such a mess! If I could find that last one, I could bag them up and give them to someone who might actually play with them. It's not much of a gift if one is missing! (Here, have an alphabet - don't worry, you hardly ever use R!).

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  1. SNOW!!! Are the kids enjoying the snow?? Do you get it often??


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