Thursday, 5 February 2009

Three good things, probably

Well, the first good thing is that I found the 'R' out of the alphabet blocks, so I amazingly have the complete set. Secondly, there is a layer of snow several inches thick lining the world outside my window. So this week, I have managed to only go to work once. Both my school and the kids' school are shut, and not even workaholic Nick went in today.

On the down side, we have run out of heating fuel and the house is rapidly cooling down. I'll have to build a fire in the living room grate.

Donny and Mel are playing backgammon, and the younger two are downstairs watching daytime TV in their pyjamas. All is well. It feels like Christmas.

The other piece of good news is that I have an interview for GoApe. There is a new GoApe being built at the Wyre Forest, just down the road from here. It is a set of aerial slides and climbs, that weaves its way through the trees about 50 feet from the ground. It trails off through the forest for maybe half a mile, never touching the ground, just going from one tree to the next, like a modern day Tarzan set.

It opens at Easter and they are recruiting for people to man the equipment and take people through the sky-maze of ropes and scramble nets. The first question I need to ask is: how many hours will they give me if I get the job? Effectively, even if they gave me 40 hours a week I would still be taking a pay cut. I would be OK with that, if they guaranteed 40 hours a week. If, however, they reckon 20 hours is more likely, then I can't afford to give up my miserable teaching job. There is still the possibility that I could work weekends on the GoApe site and still keep my miserable job, especially as the majority of GoApe's customers will be in the summer months when I'm not at school anyway. Question two is - do I want to do two jobs?

If I had another (professional) job to go to in the autumn, we could ride out the lack of dosh in the summer and I could do the fun job for a few months, and build up my experience in outdoors supervision. The ultimate question is: what do I do?

What I want to do, and what I can afford to do are not the same thing, so which way do I jump?

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