Saturday, 16 May 2009

Jobs and More Jobs (Part II)

The application forms must have started hitting the mats because I got a call inviting me to interview at Aston Fields, the school I used to work at 3 years ago. Pros: it's part time with people I know I like. Cons: it is only for a year while Karen is having a baby and a little birdie told me they are looking for an internal candidate, so don't hold your breath.

Then I got another call inviting me to interview at Cherry Tree... on the same day. Pros: homeschooling, so I would be out of the classroom. More money pro rata. Cons: Full time and based in Dudley, quite a drive away.

I spent a lot of time phoning between the two, but I think I have now managed to arrange the interviews so that I can attend them both.

Phone call number three: Nunnery Wood in Worcester. Pros: One of the best schools in Worcester. Cons: Full time.

Phone call number 4: Church Stretton. Pros: 4 days a week, nice rural school. Cons: Only for a year and a bit of a drive away especially in winter as I'd have to cross the Clee Hills every day, which get very snowy at times.

So, I'll be getting my interview practice in this week, if nothing else!

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