Saturday, 9 May 2009

Jobs and More Jobs

I went to the gym while the kids were in their swimming lessons. For the first time in months I have all four at the same time on a Saturday morning. It makes life a lot easier. At one point I was there three times a week - it felt like I lived there.

Anyway, I got home and decided it was time to apply for some jobs. I haven't got anything lined up for September yet and I sort of feel I should. Well, realistically, we've been a bit stressed out this past couple of months, because there has been a big question mark over Nick's job. Just before Easter they told everyone that they were going to down-size. They said there would be redundancies, but at that point we didn't know who.

We got back from our holiday to find that we hadn't had a letter making Nick redundant, so at least hurdle one was over. On the other hand they then decided that everyone had to apply for their own jobs. Nightmare. Talk about stress! We have been wired little Duracell Bunnies for the past week.

Nick went up to Doncaster last Wednesday for an interview for the job he is already doing. If he didn't get it, then he would be out of a job on Friday. Fortunately, he did get given his own job back, but it was a hairy few days.

Anyway, in the wake of the scare I have applied for eight jobs. I actually quite fancy doing about two of them, but the adrenaline of last week is still running. The possibility of being jobless and homeless and everything else, on someone else's whim, is something I don't wish to experience. I like to be in control, and the insecurity has shaken me a little.

So, I just hope I get one of the ones I fancy, and don't get the ones I don't really want, because I really can't say 'no'.

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