Saturday, 16 May 2009

Trip to the ThinkTank

I took a group of Year 9s to a science museum in Birmingham last Wednesday. I'm the co-ordinator for Science Gifted and Talented kids, which means I get to organise fun stuff and then go on the trips with the bright kids. Cushy number!

So we had over 30 kids, and four teachers including me on the ThinkTank trip. The museum is very interactive with lots of things for the kids to press and play on. There was also a dinosaur exhibition - the models from the BBC's Walking with Dinosaurs are there for a few months.

I'd also signed the kids up for a Forensics Workshop, where they could pretend they were part of the CSI team. They got to analyse fibres, take their own finger-prints, detail a crime-scene and decide whose shoe left the guilty footprint.

After lunch, we had a quiz about space and planets, which was kind of fun, although I though some of the questions were a bit misleading - eg Can we push people across space on light rays? Now, I answered NO for that because it is patently ridiculous, but apparently the answer is YES because somewhere someone is working on solar powered spacecraft (although they haven't actually managed it yet). Is it me?

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